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A Guide to the RI Welcome Back Center


Every single participant comes to us with different needs. However, these are the most common questions that we receive and we hope they can help you to learn more about us. 


Does the RI Welcome Back provide service free of charge or do I need to pay a membership or fee?


The Rhode Island Welcome Back Center is Non-Profit that offers services for a minimal charge, or free.  Most of our services are free, however, we do charge a small free for the initial enrollment as well as for the 12 english classes.  Occasionally, we request non-obligatory donations to support operations. We have found that people feel happy to donate towards their own cause. 


Does the Welcome Back Center only help Physicians or are other healthcare careers welcome too?


The RIWBC's initial goal was to help International health professionals transition back into their careers. However, we currently provide support to all healthcare professionals.  In addition, we provide resources and guidance to other professions as well. 


I am an International Medical Graduate (IMG), what does the Welcome Back have to offer me?


The RIWBC is a resource Hub; we strive to have the available resources to support healthcare professionals in their pathway. For example, we provide licensing process orientations, the opportunity to engage with other IMG's, we have books available for reference, and we provide guidance to alternative pathways and careers that lead to faster entry into the workforce.


You do not have a phone number listed or hours of operation, how can I get in contact with you to discuss my particular situation?


We provide appointments via our email.  If you need to schedule an appointment, please email us at We also encourage you to fill out our contact form or facebook us and we will try our best to be in contact with you within 72 hours. 


Why should I contact you and become a Participant of the RI Welcome Back Center?
The RIWBC has the ability to become a unique experience for all individuals. We have the expertise to speak with you about your individual goals and needs. We cannot tell you what the Welcome Back Center can do for you, but you can experience what you can do in the Welcome Back Center to acheive your goals. The Sky is the Limit. 

Physical Location: By appointment only! College Unbound

325 Public Street, Justice Bldg, 2nd floor Providence, RI 02905

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